Quarterly Networking Event

September 28, 5:00pm, CDT - 7:00pm, CDT

TMC Innovation
2450 Holcombe Blvd.
Houston, TX 77021

Free parking after 5:00pm

Price includes food, drink and parking.


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Join us at TMCx for our quarterly networking event with Houston HIMSS board and members, and hear from Amar Yousif about Ransomware.

Ransomware Control: Lessons from Epidemiology

The cyber security industry usually views itself as a military operation. Such terms as demilitarized zones, disrupting the kill-chain, intrusion detection, and weaponized malware are common and they represent concepts that are derived from military science. Thought leaders have suggested a shift from the military mind set to a public health framework to address Internet threats as early as 2010. Malware spreads and infects user populations in ways similar to how diseases attack communities. Therefore, concepts and terms such as infection vector management, intervention, risky behavior, incidence, prevalence, etc. can be used to allow a more flexible approach when handling Internet public health challenges. Join us in a discussion about how to design a more inclusive ransomware control strategy that is based on proven disease control concepts. Mr. Yousif will present his ideas as outlined in his July 2017 article about this subject and lead an interactive discussion.


Amar Yousif
UT Health Science Center

Mr. Amar Yousif is an experienced Information Technology practitioner, leader, and communicator. Amar is a believer in the “see one, do one, and then teach one” concept in life and career. Therefore, despite being a busy CISO, he has recently carved out time in his schedule in order to speak at events and “teach one” as often as possible after he has seen and done his share in his 20-year career. Amar graduated as an Electrical Engineer in 1997, has been a CISSP since 2004, is a GIAC Certified Forensic Analyst, and is an MBA. He also traveled to, and conducted business in, other countries around the world, thus he has a global awareness of how technology affects business, culture, and politics.