Lunch & Learn: Risk, Reliability & Root Cause Analysis (The Problem Solving Discipline for Your Business)

August 26, 11:00am, AZOST - 12:30pm, AZOST

Mays Clinic, Room ACB1.12345
1200 Holcombe Blvd. 
Houston, TX 77030


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Risk, Reliability & Root Cause Analysis (The Problem Solving Discipline for Your Business)

Companies inadvertently make problem solving too complicated. These three topics can sometimes be vague theories rather than concrete disciplines. Six-week quality programs that leave people confused, 300 puzzling "cause codes" and frustrating investigations are not just counterproductive, they can be detrimental. It can erode the effectiveness of an organization. Your problems are confusing enough; your problem solving tools shouldn’t make it worse. Employees who are inundated with techniques, methods and software can lose track of the basics. All problem solving efforts should be focused on your company’s goals with a bias toward principles. This presentation clarifies the connection between risk, reliability and root cause analysis.
Mark Galley, Cause Mapping RCA Investigator & Instructor, ThinkReliability
Mark’s practical experience in root cause analysis and work process reliability was developed during his time at the Dow Chemical Company where he worked for almost 9 years. He has been facilitating incident investigations and teaching workshops on root cause analysis for 14 years. Mark founded ThinkReliability in Houston in 2000. His work spans several industries including manufacturing, power generation, aviation, refining, telecommunications, healthcare, information technology, aerospace, marine and transportation.