Lunch & Learn - Innovations in Healthcare – Partnering with TMCx

June 28, 11:00am, CDT - 1:00pm, CDT

Texas Woman's University - Houston
Room 1120 - First floor lobby area
6700 Fannin Street.
Houston, TX 77030


Many times, Houston HIMSS has one presenter for our monthly Lunch and Learns (L&L). This month, we will hear presentations from 6 different innovative companies with new solutions that are associated with our own TMCx.

We will start out the session with comments from TMCx Advisors who are part of the Houston HIMSS Chapter Leadership committee. These individuals that make up the Texas Medical Center (TMC) Innovation Institute Advisor Network are an integral piece in the success of the overall program by providing strategic and tactical guidance to our innovation community. Advisors represent various fields and provide a range of expertise from entrepreneurship, investor, clinical, technical, legal guidance and more.

Then we will hear short and concise presentations from 6 different companies that are or have been associated with the TMCx program. Located in the TMC Innovation Institute, these startup companies with share information about their solutions and provide ROI case studies regarding their innovation.

  • Learn how a TMCx vendor has been able to reduce physician documentation time by up to 40% in a physician office while improving documentation, enhancing correct coding, and the creation of a clinical progress note that resembles the format of a dictated report – without dictation.
  • Learn from another TMCx vendor how they'll reduce “Diabetic Amputations” by using a hand-held imaging device to easily and rapidly detect early warning signals of declining limb health in diabetic patients, saving over $84,000 for each amputation avoided.
  • Learn from another TMCx vendor how they have be able to place the patient back in charge of their own medications. The customer-based phone app in integrated with the physician’s EHR and connects the patent to any pharmacy the patent wants to go to. The app also provides the patient with up-to-date medication costs by location, allowing the patient to select their pharmacy back on location and by costs of the medication.
  • A fourth TMCx vendor will show you how you can reduce the risk of Sepsis, the highest cause of death in a hospital setting, while reducing deaths by up to 90% and reducing healthcare costs by over $10B per year.

In the end, each L&L attendee will be asked to rank the presentations based on perceived value to the healthcare ecosystem and Houston HIMSS will award the top three innovative vendors with an award of excellence.

This is one L&L session that you don’t want to miss. Come and learn about new and innovative technologies that can help your organization reduce costs, improve quality and provide better overall outcomes.