Consumer Mediated Health Information Exchange

January 22, 11:00am, CST - 12:30pm, CST

Mays Clinic, Room ACB1.12345
1200 Holcombe Blvd. 
Houston, TX 77030


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About the Topic

Comprehensive records require more than having every physician and hospital use an electronic health record system. There must also be an effective, efficient, and trustworthy mechanism for health information exchange (HIE) to aggregate each patient’s scattered records into a complete whole when needed.

There is a viable alternative that is simpler, scalable, less expensive, and more secure and can provide lifetime records: patient-centric community Health Record Banks. HRBs are community organizations that put patients in charge of a comprehensive copy of all their personal, private health information, including both medical records and other data optionally added by the patient.

The patient explicitly controls who may access which parts of the information in her individual account. When patients seek care, they give permission for their health care provider to access some or all of their health records. When care is complete, the new records from that visit are securely deposited into the HRB and made available for the future. This approach solves the problems of privacy (through patient control), stakeholder cooperation (because patients request their own records & HIPAA requires every stakeholder to provide), financial sustainability (with revenue from optional apps for patients and research use of the data with permission), and it coexists with institutions keeping their own local copies of records.


  • Introduce the concept of using HIT to beneficially leverage the most underutilized, and only financially uncompensated member of the healthcare team, the patient.
  • Educate the audience of an alternative way of creating successful HIE. Consumer mediated health information exchange.
  • Advance public policy of consumer engagement in the delivery of care.

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About the Speaker

Manfred Sternberg, JD

General Counsel, Manfred Sternberg & Assoc. P.C.
Founder and Chairman, iHealth Trust

Manfred is a 1982 graduate of Tulane University and a 1985 graduate of LSU Law School. He has been practicing law in Houston, Texas for almost 30 years maintaining an active civil law practice focusing on commercial litigation and corporate counsel. Manfred has been Board Certified in Consumer and Commercial Law by the Texas Board of Legal Specialization since 1993. He has experience dealing with a broad range of business operations issues and representing businesses and consumers in a variety of legal matters.

In 1998 and until 2007, Manfred was the founder and CEO of Bluegate Corporation, a publically traded provider of IT outsourcing, that created and operated the first high--‐speed broadband VPN (Virtual Private Network) tailored exclusively for the health--‐care industry. The company served over 1,500 independent physicians and hospital systems. Bluegate provided a cost-effective, efficient way for hospitals, clinics, laboratories and other healthcare providers to transmit confidential documents, images and other sensitive patient information across the Internet to and from physicians and patients, all in compliance with HIPAA requirements.

In 2005, Manfred was appointed by the Texas Statewide Health Coordinating Council (SHCC), to the Texas Health Information Technology Advisory Council (HITAC) as a public member. The HITAC was responsible for developing a long-range plan for healthcare information technology in Texas, including electronic medical records, computerized clinical support systems, computerized physician order entry and regional health information exchange. Manfred successfully led the subcommittee responsible for writing the final report involving consumer and privacy issues.

In 2006, Manfred was appointed by Texas Governor Rick Perry to the Southern Governors Association (SGA) Gulf Coast Health Information Technology Task Force to serve as the Texas public consumer representative. Comprised of experts from Louisiana, Mississippi, Texas and Alabama, and national experts in developing, implementing and/or applying health information technology, the task force was charged with developing a plan for adopting a digitally based health information system in the Gulf Coast region. Hurricane Katrina exposed US health care system vulnerabilities and clearly defined the urgency for an interoperable digital network to replace a largely paper-based medical records system.

Manfred is in full time practice of law in Houston, Texas and is currently general counsel to several emerging technology companies.


Map to Mays Clinic

The Conference Center is on the first floor near the elevators.

Valet Parking: Turn south on Richard JV Johnson (entering covered area between buildings) attendants will direct you to ACB1.2345 Conference Room on the first floor, right off the valet drop-off.

Self Parking: Enter on Bertner, there is a large '5' parking sign on south side of Holcombe). Park underground near either the R or S elevators (glassed-in areas).