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HIMSS Houston Chapter Sponsors 2020-2021

HIMSS is a global, cause-based, not-for-profit organization focused on better health through information technology (IT). HIMSS leads efforts to optimize health engagements and care outcomes using information technology. The Houston Chapter of HIMSS thanks the following sponsors for their continued support:

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Healthcare Field Director
As a leading provider of healthcare IT solutions worldwide, Dell EMC helps healthcare organizations advance in the digital era, with best-in-class technology for Healthcare IT, Precision Medicine, Connected Health and Security. We uniquely power digital transformation by delivering best-in-class technology for applications, data, infrastructure and security – from the edge to the core to the cloud. Collectively under the banner of Dell Technologies, Dell, Dell EMC, Pivotal, RSA, SecureWorks, SecureWorks, Virtustream, and VMware align to deliver a singular goal: helping our customers transform for the future.

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Leveraging EHR data for better patient care

By powering care as you intended, we reduce your administrative burden and enterprise inefficiencies, clearing the way to let clinicians be clinicians.



Alan Tam
VP Marketing


Luma Health was founded on the idea that healthcare should work better for all patients. Every single point along the care journey should be simple, seamless, and effective, from accessing care to achieving health goals. Luma Health empowers providers to make this a reality through its total patient engagement solution, designed to modernize access, automate patient-provider communications, and help providers grow their business.

Headquartered in San Francisco, CA, Luma Health’s platform is modernizing communication by delivering smarter conversations that drive patient engagement and continuous care, connecting thousands of providers and more than eight million patients across the U.S. today.

Facebook: @lumahealth
Twitter: @lumahealthhq
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Christiana Obi
CEO & Founder

A preoperative clearance solution that gathers patient health data and enables clinicians to effortlessly track, monitor and instruct their patients through the surgical process.



Richard Briggs
Healthcare District Manager

Today, data is critical to delivering higher quality, integrated care. Pure modern data experience is the key that enables organizations to achieve efficiencies of care delivery, lower costs, and an end to data silos and migrations.

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Financing Healthcare’s Digital Transformation

Drive Enterprise Imaging Efficiency

Read IDC’s Report on Value-Based Imaging

Rapid Restore for Healthcare

Save with Storage That’s Evergreen


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Randy Blalock
Major Account Manager


Fortinet is dedicated to meeting the varied and critical security needs of today’s healthcare organizations worldwide. With seamlessly integrated and scalable solutions that offer industry-leading security effectiveness and deliver third-party validated unmatched performance, we ensure that you’ll never have to choose between performance and security.

That’s why seven of the top ten U.S. healthcare systems have chosen Fortinet, as have seven of the top ten big pharma companies.


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Enhancing patient and caregiver experience.



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Allan White
Regional Sales Director


Organizational Intelligence is a software platform that offers a single source database and web based modules to improve financial operations across the hospital, department and clinics. OI will improve financial and clinical data integrity that will decrease support calls to the IT department since OI has over 40 validity checkers within the platform. The healthcare analytics platform has flexible modules that are customizable to C-level needs along with clinical department for easy reporting. OI will receive data files from any software system into a single source database providing actionable data that hospitals can use to improve profit margins and revenues.  With daily monitoring of KPIs, benchmark tracking, and visual analytics, you can prevent issues before they happen and prepare for the future with more knowledge than ever before.

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Steve Steuart

Enterprise Account Executive


Trinisys is the leading provider of enterprise data migration, integration, normalization, and workflow automation related to health system archival. Proven in some of the largest healthcare settings, Trinisys has over 16 years of experience perfecting rapid and reliable software solutions that reduce organizational cost, improve quality, and ensure security and compliance. Its solution, ClearView LAS, enables providers to securely access and report on patients’ full historic health records (clinical and financial) from their current EHR. Additionally, clinical teams and HIM professionals gain access to a single source of truth for patient data while the organization adds a layer of security for documents and data.

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Best Practices in Decommissioning Your Legacy EMR

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